Hi, I’m Janine

I am an avid reader, lover of oracle cards, unicorns, and crystals. I am a soul based candle loving goddess who loves facials and massages and manis and pedis as much as watching rugby and films, reality TV and drinking wine and long blacks (not in the same glass).

I am a big kid at heart, and I love to build with Lego. I am married to Mike, and we live with our cat Smooch in Wellington. I am incredibly loyal, love writing in notebooks and having High Tea with friends. I’m a straight talker too, so when I am asked for my opinion, I lay it bare on the table!

Mike and I Petone Beach 2017 – Photo Monica Ferguson Photography

Over the years I have learnt to say “No” and to let go of the need for things to be perfect! I am a lifelong learner. I believe that you are never too old to try anything and like trying new things, on my list this year I have explored hand building pottery which I found relaxing, and next up is learning how to swim.

I am curious in the manifesting magic of the new moon, and the letting go and forgiveness rituals of the full moon! I am fascinated by the rites of passages that we experience as women and the energy levels of the menstruation cycle. I am enchanted by rituals and how they can mark a rite of passage in our lives or to help set an intention for the day or occasion. I love creating essential oil blends for the soul and body.

Photo – Monica Ferguson Photography

I love that I am a 49-year-old woman who is no longer hiding her woo-woo practical side which I used to see as a bad thing.  In March  2019 I will be launching a new business, and sharing some of the tools and things I found useful when I was starting out on my own scared self care journey through the seasons.